Filipina Vamp

Friday, July 29, 2016

Guys, if you are looking for a chubby mistress with BBW features and a seductive voice, Filipina Vamp is the chick you may have always dreamed about. She started online performing on cyber cams in 2011. At that time she was a voluptuous and seductive Goddess with naughty looks. While new to the business her native innocence was just a playful and sympathetic feature of hers that was carried by a naughty attitude. Superficially, she acted like a dominant player, but once in private she made up for her promises and delivered... 

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bikini couch

Fuck My 3 Holes

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stupid question: Is she beautiful? Don’t we all dream about meeting a woman that is a genuine three-holer? She knowns how to use her mouth to make us feel warm and horny. To use her pussy to make us happy. And to use her anus to wear us out if we want a hole that is tighter than a juicy camgirl pussy from the Philippines. This sweety is exactly that kind of a girl. There are around 150 chat sessions available as recorded shows. She performs very well in each of them. Showiong her holes? No problem. Slow, playful... 

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Hot Janie

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Recorded online feature while pregnant With more than 50 recorded shows and features, Janie is one of the hottest babes on Filipina Cams. Her speciality was extreme masturbation and kinky watersports. Over the past 3 months she has been pregnant and continued her online appearances with large success. Visit Janie’s Profile Page It’s the first time I have seen a pregnant Asian women perform masturbation with a dildo. They say pregnant Filipinas are extremely horny during the 9 months leading up to birth.... 

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Lovely Gem

Lovely Gem

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lovely Gem uploaded way over 4500 privately recorded cam shows for VIP members. I think she publishes each and every private chat online – the first shows are her best, however. Lovely is the single most successful Asian babe who is featured in the most videos available on Filipina Chat. I think that alone tells how extroverted this sexy young Asian women is and how much she enjoys exposing her girlie bits for her viewers. Even dressed in a skirt, Loveley know how to put her camel toe into your limelight Lovely... 

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VIP Camgirls


Anabel is Lovely


It’s her pleasure to be seductive. “Oh my God, welcome to my room.” Topless Anabel bends over while sliding down her tight black thong. A new guest enter her room and she greets him with a personal touch, “Hi Pedro, here is a kiss for you.” Her bed frame makes tired noises while she jumps around on the bed. She shows mercy and sits down, turns about and sticks her nubile ass inside the camera. Her coinslot crack and pussy are visible, clearly. The... Read More


VIP Membership

nude laptop manila performer

You have possibly noticed a tempting offer for VIP membership to Filipina Cams. The Filipina Chat VIP membership is a monthly subscriptions package providing members with many benefits as they are outlined on our VIP description page. Sign Up for VIP Membership here. Now, some of this may not sound as clear as it should be so I am using this blog to write more about my own experience as a VIP member. As a webcam VIP I happen to receive three great benefits that I do enjoy a lot: 1)... Read More



Horny Lovers

panty finger

Catching couples during their online shift can be difficult. Many of them just stay online for a couple of hours because they tend to get privates rather quickly and are done for the day after two shows since they have more veuyeur online as solo girls. Anyhow, that’s just an observation I find rather frustrating. […]


Filipina Girls

Don Touch Me

don touch me

She is what we expect from a sex machine: Always horny! Her stage name is probably one of those infamously accidental misspellings known from Philippine documents when the writing happens quicker than the mind thinks. Don(‘t) Touch Me started out as a very shy girl. In her first portfolio images she wouldn’t even want to […]


Thai Girls

Butterfly Girl

beach babe

Girls with big fake tits can be fun. Butterfly Girl is one naughty pig who masturbates with beer bottles. She can moan and masturbate for one hour as many of her private video recording show. What a good tour guide she can be.



Explore Private Nudes

private nudes

One of my favorite past times is to look for private pictures of chat models. Not the screen caps most girls post anyhow, but private images taken with cell phones or small digicams. Unfortunately, only very view Filipinas have those kind of images. If they do, they are hidden as members only images. This means […]